Saturday, July 18, 2009

Colour project

OK. So as usual life got in the way of my posting. I've been taking pics along the way, but here's contribution to some color everywhere!!
RED day!!!
The B.A.R.T....of course
Our wedding kayaks, which we finally took out wednesday!
Orange Day!!!
Orange is for doggie poo bags that make us responsible doggie moms and dads!
(and keep us away from the $100 fine on the bike path...
does anyone ever wonder who enforces that?
and what happens to that lady that lets her 2 ton horse poop on the path?
does she get a bigger fine for bigger poo?)
Yellow Day!!!
Yellow is for gorgeous flowers flourishing in the garden!
Yellow is also for bad puppies peeing on the floor while Mom blogs...sigh...

1 comment:

elizabeth said...

great shots. bad yellow puppy...