Sunday, November 22, 2009

Operation Christmas is underway!

I have decided that in the spirit of Christmas I should give gifts to my friends and co-workers. Actually, the ladies at work have decided that we should exchange gifts. sigh I'm not entirely sure why really, since none of us are really in the financial situation where we should be splurging on silly gifts.
So as a result of my broke-ass-ness I plan to actually make my work-friends their gifts this year. And as if it was sent by a higher power, one of the magazines I subscribe to actually had an article about making homemade gifts. (score one for the good guys!) And some of them were remarkably easy and so cute!! I'm not all that crafty (see: Liz's blog) so I'm resorting to trying some simple things that are in my realm of capability. I'm so excited! It's been a long time since I've even had the ambition to attempt anything like this. And I'm planning to try a new homemade venture-beer brewing. (somewhere Erik is shaking his head!) So hopefully this winter we can share some homebrews with our buds (hehe get it!?)
stay tuned for me destorying the kitchen.....craft style!


elizabeth said...

you can be crafty!

elizabeth said...

and Paul can help you, he makes beer all the time!