Wednesday, December 17, 2008

kick lines here we come!

We managed to finally get ourselves to NYC for Erik's first trip! (The last attempt was greeted by a BB through the car window the morning we were supposed to drive...grrrr) We took the train from PRV (which was much better than driving through it) and we arrived just after 10am. We had made no committed plans (other than the Rockettes!!!!yay) and decided to get there and play it by ear. When we walked out of Penn station we realized we where close to the empire state building. We decided to show the hubby his first trip to NYC with a classic iconic view. (This was also the only way that we would be able to see the statue of liberty on this trip. ferry + 30 degree weather = no WAY!) Believe it or not other crazy people also wanted to freeze at the top of a NYC landmark. But after about an hour, we had made our way to the top!

The view was beautiful!

Mom and Lauren

There were even pigeons up there! I had no idea!

The Rockettes were amazing. And I left feeling very Christmas-y and a little bummed I'm not a 1/2 an inch taller. (Damn you height requirements!) We even found the FDNY store for E! They had a half an engine that you could sit in, and pumps to operate, and patches everywhere. We almost lost E. Even more exciting was the fact that Magnolia Bakery has expanded to Rockefeller Center and we got cupcakes!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Unfortunately, two of the cupcakes were injured en route.

Lauren: " Wow. The cupcakes survived the whole trip back"
(places cupcakes on seat)
Mom: "Yeah. That's great!"

Mom then proceeds to lose her balance as the train shifts and sits back, directly on Lauren's cupcakes. Hehehe I think E sorely underestimates the shanninigans of traveling with the Pimental women. But I guess he has to get used to it since he's in this on the long haul with all of us! :o)

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elizabeth said...

That sounds liek so much fun. I've only ever been to NY on quick trips. not funs ones AT ALL. I'll have to kidnap you to be my guide somtime...