Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time to switch to light beer....

Don't worry, Mom, Paul's going to save me!

So Monday was the second half of our vehicle extrication drill. We began by using our old - read: ancient and very heavy- set of JAWS to cut out the doors and the roof of an old car. Once we had stripped out someone's retired Toyota we headed inside to work on patient removal. That was when things began to go downhill-fast. I went to take my bunker gear off to play victim for the boys. As I bent down to push off my boots, I heard a loud rrrrrrrriiipppppp! Turns out that sound was the back of my jeans whipping open exposing my pink striped panties to half of the department. Thankfully I was in a situation where I could simply pull up my bunker pants and not in the middle of a restaurant or other public place. Apparently it was not just my imagination that those pants were getting a little snug! better lay off the pizza and beers!

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