Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!

Au Revoir 2008! It was a wild year in our little home. We tied the knot, became an aunt and uncle (twice!), each left a job for a new opportunity, graduated, took exams (and passed them all!), and took our furthest vacation yet. I almost feel like compressing the whole year into a single sentence takes away from the immense change that the past year was. We are already diving headfirst into 2009. I had hoped that the one thing that we would avoid in '09 was major change however, we're setting ourselves up for another wild year.
Erik officially began the fire academy yesterday. He's already counting the days until the end. I think he'll be appreciative of what he learns. Everyone we know that completed the academy is always proud of the accomplishment. And I think if he wasn't getting sore doing sit-ups and pull-ups he'd be OK with it.
I'm still on the hunt for a job that does not involve beers or a shaker. While I'm enjoying being a bartender, I'm ready to work in therapy. (Especially since I just spent two years of my life - and my life savings - to earn a degree so I could work in therapy) Hopefully it will be soon.
We're also planning on - perhaps - trying to start a family this year. We'll see how the job search goes. I know that everyone says you're never really prepared for kids, but I'd really like to have some money in the bank before we have to recycle diapers. (holy moses that would be absolutely disgusting....)
Overall we're heading into '09 with great deal of hopes and dreams; and we can't wait to see what it brings!


elizabeth said...

I vote babies.

Azzy said...

babies, babies, babies!!!