Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I am a genius...

If there was any doubt over the fact that I am not always the brightest crayon in the box I certainly proved it this week! I happened to peek at our oil tank sunday and think "hmm...where's the little marker? maybe it's stuck?" so hubby checked it monday and noted a similar problem...except he was smart enough to know the tank was nearly empty. We called for an oil delivery from some friends from A town and waited til Friday. Or so we thought. we awoke this morning to find that we were out of oil! Which also meant out of New January...with snow on the way! Thankfully, I called our friends in A town who were kind enough to come and drop some oil and restart the burner. (after some begging) I bundled up and made some tea and watched the temp drop. By the time Mr. K arrived the house was at a balmy 50 degrees! BRRRRRR!!!!! I was never so happy to "the burnout". But I'm sure as I leave here to go pay and have a beer with them that I will be enduring never ending repercussions for this one. As my sis so wisely put it this morning: "Learning life's lessons sucks doesn't it?".

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Azzy said...

Brrr is right. I would have thrown in the towel and headed to the parents on either side, in my pjs and with my trusty blanket.

And PS, you are going to have to keep that house in the high 60's for my neices and nephews. They'll be little popsicles. Let GPa here about this and he'll be coming over once a week to check that tank! :) See you on Sunday. Oh yeah, we're coming home early. Be there at 930a, in time for the Super Bowl baby.