Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zoo days

So while Azzy and Connor are up visiting we've been enjoying the local zoo and their events. We rocked out with their kiddie band (The Toe Jam Puppet Band-could I make that up?) which turned out to be quite fun for them. Unfortunately, I fogot the camera for Pirate Week, which is certainly the funniest thing I have ever seen! The kids all dress up as pirates and mermaids; and it's an absolute blast! The week these pictures were taken the weather was gorgeous and we took a little walk to see the animals. We saw elephants (pooping), turtles, the cougar (not that kind...but we certainly realized how easy that cat could've devoured us in the forest!), some chickens, pigs, horses, and a deer that wandered across the frozen pond and was hanging out only feet away! All in all I had a great time with my nephews and sister-in-law playing at the zoo!!

Are those wires? hmmmmm....
Front and center for the show-just like his Mom :o)
It's Ok, Aunty!! I'm with the band!!!
Not so sure about the bubbles....
Oh Deer! The closest I've ever been to a deer-other than Clyde of course!
It's nicer when half of him isn't in the wall...

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