Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Economic Stimulus!

Even though the economy is in the poopah, life must still move along. Yesterday I had a vast amount of errands to run around the area. So I made an attempt to not only stimulate the economy, but stimulate our local economy! I have yet to find a local store that sells jeans that I can afford, so I folded and went to Marshalls-where I not only found affordable jeans, but jeans that fit!!!! They are $100+ jeans that I bought for $29.99!!! Boo-yah! However, I also found wonderful eyeshadow at Blush; steaks, asparagus, vermouth, and lemons at Lloyd's in Rochester; and fresh scallops at Kyler's! I made a fabulous dinner all while stimulating our local economoy!! I also bought our first round of seeds for our veggie garden. Hopefully Ali and I can keep the plants alive long enough to eat our own (very) local harvest! :o)


elizabeth said...

You're so responsible!

Azzy said...

They have Lucky jeans too, which are nice every day casual jeans for the same price.