Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet the newest Johnson!

Meet Morgan!! She's our not-so-little rescue puppy! She is 17 weeks old and at last week's vet visit was weighing in at a wonderful 26 pounds. She's going to be a beast! Morgan is half Lab and half King Charles Spaniel. Apparently that little spot on her head is the King Charles thumbprint. It was considered his sign of doggie approval, and people pay obscene money to get a spaniel that has it. Apparently one of her parents was a purebread spaniel! We just thought it was a cute mark. But I love that she looks like a lab but is stark white with her black mask. She even has black spots on her belly (which appeases Erik's fire dog fix without having a dalmation). She has been a great addition to our little family. She cuddles on the couch with Erik and bounds around the house chasing her toys. Saturday was our first time on the bike path, and after lengthy walks with Mom, Auntie Liss, Uncle Shawn, and Landon she was all tuckered out. She was even better with the other dogs by the end of the afternoon. She stopped cowering and did a little sniffing of her own. I think the path is going to be a great source of doggie exposure for her! Stay tuned for her continued adventures!!

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