Sunday, May 31, 2009

I wouldn't have believed it myself....

On a recent Saturday morning Landon came over to hang out with Erik, Morgan, and I. I wasn't so sure how everything would go since Morgan and Landon are the same size and she tends to knock him around quite a bit. They were bounding around the living room with Erik, and I figured I could take shower since we were going out to do some errands. I was however, a little terrified that I would come hear a great deal of barking and crying and probably some noise from Landon and Morgan too!

After chasing the three of them around for a while, I decided I would try and get ready. I crossed my fingers and hoped that Erik would be in one piece when I came back out of the shower. A few moments later I finished drying my hair and noticed that the house was substantially quieter than when I had gone into the shower. I peeked out the window since I assumed they were in the yard playing. But they were no where to be found....I walked into the living room only to find...they were all asleep on the couch! who would have thunk?!??