Wednesday, May 20, 2009


whew! where have we been? Our lives have been so involved lately that I haven't had time to post anything! I have lots of pics of Morgan to add soon! (as soon as I can figure out how to upload the pics off of my cell phone) we're all doing well with lots of plans for lots of things in the future.
Morgan had her first obedience class monday night and is doing fairly well for a slightly ocd lab/spaniel mix. she wasn't all that sure about the whole puppy play group thing after class. she spent more time snuggling up to each and every person that was at the group rather than playing with the other puppies. she needs like old lady doggie play group! :o) it was really fun though and we're looking forward to our next class!
we've also commited ourselves to helping the local economy (and ourselves) by joining a CSA in Dartmouth for the duration of the summer. we get a bag of fresh local veggies and fruits every wednesday until October. And as long as I can get there before Liz claims our share we'll have local produce each week! yay!
we're also growing our own veggies and blueberries this year (unless Morgan literally just devoured them as I was typing...crappers) and we're looking forward to picking our own food off of our plants!
I promise to post more often! hanginthere.

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elizabeth said...

You'll have to get there early to beat me! You never should have told me about it!
Muuahh haaa haaa!
(okay, that's my best evil laugh I can muster in print...)